"A business that fits us is the ultimate vehicle to a life that suits us."

Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA
Founder, Start-a-Business Coach, and Freedom Seeker

Start the RIGHT Business for the Life you Want!

A Life with Greater Income and Freedom

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Solution: For faster and greater profits, a business must be built on a viable foundation through research and planning before launching.

You don't have to do this alone! I can guide you with the research, vetting, and planning of a business you might want to create or one you might buy. My expertise in Small to Midsize Business spans over several decades as a business owner, entrepreneur and coach. When we collaborate, you'll not just avoid critical and costly mistakes, you'll build your business on a solid and long lasting foundation for success. Our priority is to help you pick the business for the goals you have, and prove its viability before you invest great sums, so that you'll succeed faster in living your ideal life.


Do you want to start a new life chapter with a business built on a solid foundation?

You are in the right place if you are considering getting into a business from an idea you want to launch or buying a business. It could be a brick & mortar, a mobile, or a virtual business, and it could also be a full-time, part-time,  absentee business, or a side gig while keeping your job. When starting any business, there are two approaches: figuring it out on your own by trial and error or leveraging other people's experience. Figuring it out on your own is often costly and risky.
To start the right business and build it solidly from the start, I invite you to book a call to brainstorm your business ideas and career.

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Begin your entrepreneurial journey while you keep your job or your other duties.

BOSS is the Business Owner Success Society. It is a private membership providing unbiased step-by-step guidance, connections, and tools for aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully research, vet, plan and launch their best business while they may keep their job or other primary responsibilities. The framework of the self-paced lessons, exercises, and templates, and monthly group coaching in BOSS is the Right Business Right Life Formula, a step-by-step roadmap based on 30 years of working with business owners who created startup businesses, developed new franchises, or acquired for-sale businesses.

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This is for you if you are just thinking of starting a business instead of, or in addition to, having a job.

Each month, on the first Saturday, we host a discussion on starting or acquiring a business. The goal is to field your initial and top-of-mind questions and suggest next steps before you jump into any business venture. To start things off, we'll have a mini-class on a specific topic that is part of our BOSS Paid Membership, but we're offering it for free to you as a special participant.
Following our class, we'll have a group coaching discussion to answer any top-of-mind questions you may have on creating or buying a business.

And yes, it's completely free.

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Hello, I'm Patricia Bottero - Start-a-Business Coach


Starting a business can be a daunting endeavor. Yet it doesn't have to be. 

Although many employees are disengaged at work, most would succeed with a business that gives them the passion, freedom, and flexibility they wish they had. 

Because they fear the risks and don't know how to create safety nets to help them succeed, many never consider how much more fulfilling their life could be if they explored their potential as business owners.

As a result, they waste their lives in jobs that limit their personal and financial growth. 

Is this you? 

Have you given up on creating a life you love? Or do you feel you would be happier if you had the freedom to prioritize who and what matters most to you?

If so, you are in the right place.

What if you started a business with the confidence that you can, at minimum, replace your employee income while also building a better life for yourself and your family? What if you could double, triple, or even 10x your income while enjoying a more flexible lifestyle while building equity and a legacy?

All it takes is one simple first step: Explore what starting (or buying) a business could mean for you, without any significant commitment of time and money, and before you quit your job. 

Through my company, OPEN FOR BUSINESS LAB,  I specialize in coaching aspiring entrepreneurs with unbiased research before they jump into any type of business. Our only priority is to help you research, identify and vet the most viable business for you. The right business:

  • Capitalizes on your strengths - with clarity on what they are.
  • Is in alignment with your vision of your ideal life. 
  • Aligns with at least your values, or your life purpose.
  • Is economically viable.

I've spent the past 30 + years in the trenches of America's Main Street business, where I coached countless owners of all types of companies in various sectors of industry: micro-businesses with one sole owner/operator, businesses with employees, full-time businesses, absentee ownerships, independent businesses, franchisees, independent businesses scaling, etc. In the process, I've witnessed extraordinary successes but also epic failures. Some entrepreneurs build beautiful lives with their businesses, while others inadvertently pick a path of misery, chaos, and regrets. Many new owners don't know what they don't know and choose the path of trial and error: the hardest way.

Throughout my career, I have observed that a large percentage of failed businesses are the outcomes of being sold a business or of inadequate research and planning, which should have been done before investing great sums.

I created a comprehensive roadmap to help entrepreneurs of Small to Mid Size Enterprises (SMEs) avoid costly mistakes by starting or acquiring their businesses on a rock-solid foundation. 

The RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE is a four-stage roadmap to fail-proof your business before you invest significantly. 

Whether you already have an idea for a business or you are just considering a transition to getting into a business for yourself, we can help you secure the path to greater freedom and income.

I invite you to book a free call with me to explore how you might create a better life with a solid business you own. If we find a mutual fit to collaborate, we will book another time to discuss how our various programs can help you succeed.

Cheers to a life you love!


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