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Saturday 9/12/20 at 9:00 AM Pacific

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How to Vet ANY Business Idea Before you Spend Lots of $$$$$

In this presentation, Start-a-Business Coach Patricia Bottero shares how to make sure, before you invest great sums, your idea to start a business will fly and not flop.

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How to Vet ANY Business Idea Before you Spend Lots of $$$$$

Through her 30 years career as an entrepreneur in the small to mid-size enterprise sector, Patricia Bottero St-Jean, observed that 9 out of 10 new business ideas abort before they take off.
The Small Business Administration also report that 42% of new startups fail because they offer a product that the market doesn't need.

As the founder of OPEN FOR BUSINESS, a business research lab and coaching agency in Silicon Valley California, Patricia Bottero St-Jean created a 4-stage roadmap to guide aspiring entrepreneurs in the successful launch of their new business.  One of these stages is the vetting of their business idea on paper well before they spend significant money, time and energy. This essential brainstorm provides the framework to eliminate the costly mistakes many business creators and founders make.

In this presentation Patricia Bottero St-Jean shares how a few hours of brainstorm and due diligence can bring clarity, context and confidence in your new venture and help you build the foundation to your business success. 

Join us on Saturday Morn' Brew & Chat and find out what are the steps and what is the right sequence to vet your idea for a new business, or for a new product for your existing business. After this discussion, you'll have discovered:

  • How make sure your new venture flies and doesn't flop.
  • How to differentiate your business in the market.
  • How to identify your ideal customers.
  • Ways to validate your idea with your ideal customers.

The 45 minute presentation will be followed by Q&A.

 Meet Your Presenter


Patricia Bottero St-Jean is an internationally recognized start-a-business coach, a small business enthusiast, a freedom seeker, a pragmatic optimist, and an avid hiker who secretly talks to trees. She believes entrepreneurship is the best path to the freedom of building a life of one's own design and that truly successful small businesses afford their owners the ability to prioritize who is most important and what matters the most to them.

She began her entrepreneurial career at age 25 and has since spent over 30 years in the trenches of America's Main Street Business progressing from bootstrapping her independent startup, to small business acquisitions while coaching and mentoring owners of all types of businesses.

She founded OPEN FOR BUSINESS, a start-a-business lab and coaching agency that specializes in guiding entrepreneurs from early-stage research, vetting, planning, and up to the launch of their ideal business so that they can start their venture on a solid foundation that minimizes risks and maximizes success.

Throughout her career, she observed that most struggling and failing businesses are owned by very capable individuals who unfortunately made a first and fatal error. They started or bought the wrong business for them simply because they didn't know how to exercise the right preliminary diligence and business planning before starting their business. As a result, they wasted precious time and money. 

To help aspiring entrepreneurs like you avoid strategic, and costly errors like this, Patricia created a step-by-step roadmap titled RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE that details how to research, vet, plan, and launch the best business for you. This roadmap is the system that guides her private coaching clients and is revealed in her online courses.

RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE maps out your most viable path to achieving your ideal Lifestyle, Income, Freedom, and Equity, aka L.I.F.E., with the right business for you.


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The Saturday Morn' Brew & Chat events are free and are sponsored by OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and Founder Patricia Bottero St-Jean. OPEN FOR BUSINESS is a Start-a-Business Lab and Coaching Agency that specializes in guiding career shifters and entrepreneurs exercise due diligence in early-stage research, vetting, planning and launching of the right business for them. Among other activities, OPEN FOR BUSINESS shares market resources by inviting subject matter experts on various topics to support you in:

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